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Our story

This is our story

We are a creative multi-brand company that brings global trends to the local market by offering toys, gifts, school and office supplies. Inspired by the idea of a better world, we have been in business for three decades, bringing colours and joy into the lives of all of our customers. Our offer includes school supplies, art supplies, toys, office supplies, computer equipment, and business gifts. We chose all of our products with love and special attention.

We are a family business and a generational company, dynamic, and always on the run. Skilful, bold, creative, cheerful, curious, and playful, we respect diversity and recruit people with grand and colourful dreams, interesting hobbies, and unusual interests.

Our team of more than 45 employees is dedicated to providing quality service and solutions to the most complex challenges in our business. We find our partners and customers in large corporations in different industries, in smaller companies and offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in individuals who enjoy shopping in our stores.

We believe that encouraging ideas, daily development, innovation, clear focus, and quality communication are the preconditions to long-lasting and strong relationships with our employees, partners, and customers.


We will continue inciting ideas and innovation, bringing global trends, and creating new value.
While creating an inspiring environment, we will serve as a reliable and interesting partner.



Passion in action


Jasmin Porobić

General Manager

Jasmin is a strategist working on a new vision for the company. His focus is primarily on organization atmosphere and culture that is productive as well as a stimulating environment. He recognizes the importance of good team dynamics in sales and focuses his energy and attention to the continuous growth and development of the company. He conducts modernization and digital transformation processes. He is an inspirational speaker.


Elma Porobić

Creative Director

Elma is the key motivator in the company. She is the creative force behind all the processes and her love is invested in the selection we offer. She brings positive energy to the team and global trends in our markets. She is on top of everything and that is precisely why she manages key processes at the operational level. Her vision brought us the most beautiful store and new company identity, and she was the one who introduced a multi-brand concept that we use in our business. We are inspired by the beauty of her existence.


Lejla Gasal

Sales Director

Lejla is our bubbly communicator who makes customer relations nicer and better. Her smile boosts dynamics and the energy necessary to implement sales strategies. She bravely leads teams through all sales challenges. She continuously develops sales tools and discovers new niche markets, and her positive energy makes working on ambitious targets fun and possible.


Tea Kotlo Spahić

Head of Procurement and Sales Analytics

Tea is the reason why everything is in the right place at the right time. She is a superhero in sales and she saves the day even when the odds are against her. Our assortment is in love with her, and maybe even some customers. She continuously improves relationships with key suppliers, strategically develops purchasing, and makes it all look easy-peasy even though it’s not.


Boris Tolić

Category manager (IT)

Boris is a sales force with engineering precision. He brings changes from the digital realm and is a kind manager in love with IT. His kind energy converts even the toughest “opponents”. He gives us stability and development perspective, not only in IT but in the entire business as well.


Amira Pančić

Head of Finance

She is the carrier of company traditions and experiential wisdom. She keeps our business on both feet and controls financial flows. She is the institutional memory of our company and a financial strategist who builds relationships with national and international financial institutions.


Nedim Obradović

Head of Accounting

Nedim is the guardian of the company’s legality. His strict and disciplined attitude towards processes is what ensures that everything runs smoothly in our company. He implements modernization in accounting standards while bringing youthfulness and positive energy into “strict” business processes.


Zoran Radošević

Head of Logistics and Storage

Zoran is a key friend of the sales staff and the only boss in our company. He is in charge of stock accuracy, reliable delivery, and delivery personnel. He makes sure everything is in place, functional, clean and just right. He is the reason why everything is delivered on time. Or not. He is a trusted management associate.


Danijela Stare

Support and Operations Associate

Danijela is pivotal to all services and is in charge of smooth office management. She represents the oxygen in our management and is crucial to the daily inspiration of our personnel. Everything is nice thanks to her. She brings us love and peace.


Mr. Muhamed Čeliković and Ms. Enisa Čeliković founded the Exclusive Company in 1991 in Zenica, BiH. With a clear vision and hard work, they established values that have served as a solid foundation for Exclusive to this day. By giving added value to the companies of the time, they have achieved that Exclusive still serves as an inspiration for various different generations of partners and customers.

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