New Visual Identity for Exclusive


We have always wanted to lead in quality service, excellent choice of products, and in offering trusted global brands. We have managed to maintain our quality of service and to preserve the values we have nurtured for years, however, we decided to update our visual identity to match it perfectly to what our company is, and how it sees itself in the digital era. What we want is to use our multi-brand concept to bring global trends to you, and to enable daily selection of great products for your office, school, and even for playtime or gifts. Our focus is on personal contact with our customers, where we present our intention to accompany them in the many years to come. We believe that daily development, incited by ideas and innovation, builds strong partnerships, and clear focus, along with dedication and passion, and it steers us wisely towards our set goals.

Our offer is well-rounded, providing our customers with a “one-stop shop” experience where you can find anything you need for office, school, playtime or gifts. Inspired by our wide range of products, new elements of our visual identity have emerged – variations in outlined illustrations that now decorate pens, envelopes, backpacks, notebooks, umbrellas, and teddy bears. We use these illustrations in our new corporate and promo stationery, and in daily communication with our customers in both the online and offline world. We are particularly proud of the gift drawing that serves as the X in our company name.

With a fresh approach, exclusivity becomes available. Exclusive is not only luxurious, beyond reach, and rare; exclusive is also unique, one of a kind, and tailored to suit you. We redesigned our previous logo that had the word “exclusive” in lower case letters to tone down the strong symbolism of the word. Fine font exudes elegance, but also playfulness and dynamics. The letter “x” is now a gift box with a bow which, besides the obvious, symbolizes wrapping up of all the products in our offer.

X represents multiplication in math, the location of the treasure on hidden treasure maps, while popular culture wants to know if you have the X factor.

We are currently transitioning into modern ways of running our business, with changes in key management: a new generation of owners brings a fresh approach to decision-making, market changes, trends, and customer habits. Our transitioning is what inspired our new choice of colours. The green we chose is a natural successor of the previous logo, making it more youthful and playful. The warm flamingo colour brings tenderness, love, and care. Gold makes it look exclusive.

What is the meaning behind the colours?

Green: health, progress, growth, life. Refreshing and soothing.

Pink: femininity, love, peace, tranquillity.

Grey: maturity, utility, reliability. Cold but elegant.

Gold: wealth, prosperity, tradition, warmth.

Our communication with our customers should always be on. Let us know what you think about our new look!


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