Global Trends on the Local Market: Top Toy Brands Available in the Exclusive Concept Store


As of this year, Exclusive stores bring a new offer of products for children. Major global toy brands are finally here – Apli, Janod, Kaloo, and Nobodinoz, now available in our Sarajevo Concept Store.

Apli’s has a vision of an ideal office and school environment, based on innovation. Apli Kids is a younger brand, and it is all about dynamics and interactivity, offering ideas for activities with your children at home, in school, or at daycare. Puzzles, decorations, masks, and other toys made of eco material will boost children’s imaginations.

Janod is the number one wooden toy producer in France. From traditional games and toys to contemporary design, Janod has always had the same mission: develop creativity in children with timeless toys, apply modern design with graphic precision, and think about new functionalities with many challenges in creating new collections. Playful, solid and cheerful, Janod’s creation weaves unique ties between a child and a toy. This “French touch” that now knows no borders, enables us to see the world in a toy box!

Kaloo, a passionate, French-style story, offers soft and charming universes for both children and adults, to meet their need for cozy mornings, tenderness and the feeling of being safe. Tenderness, comfort, and warmth are good words to describe their innovative materials used to make the Kaloo stuffed toys. Kaloo products come in a beautiful reusable gift box, one of the key elements in the brand’s success and identity. Kaloo creations, known for being so incredibly cute, forever stay in the hearts of children that had those moments of joy with their loyal companions.

Nobodinoz is a designer brand from Barcelona that makes furniture, colourful fabrics, and linen, beautifully designed wooden toys and accessories for children’s rooms. They are focused on traditional craftsmanship and quality material. Nobodinoz toys and accessories for children’s kingdoms are full of colour and offer a clean design that fits in any room. With Nobodinoz toys, the world begins during childhood!

A rich offer of new brands that can only be found in our Concept Store in Sarajevo is eager to find a place in your children’s rooms.


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